Three things your New York auto insurance company might be trying to keep from you

The overwhelming majority of people that sign up for quality New York auto insurance do so with a reasonable expectation for protection, coverage, and customer service.

Unfortunately (and for a variety of different reasons), some New York auto insurance agencies, aren’t able to “deliver the goods” quite as capably as they probably should. You need to make sure that you are completely protecting yourself from any and every eventuality, and you’ll want to start off by learning a little bit more about the details that your insurance agency might be hiding from you right now.

There is a world of restrictions and limitations hidden in your fine print

Lawyers (and pretty much everyone else) recommend that you pay extra close attention to all of the fine print in any contract for a real reason – and this is where companies, lawyers, and other involved parties they are a lot of “not so attractive” elements to your policy.

You are going to need to make sure that you have completely and totally read all of the fine print included in your New York auto insurance contracts from, and it’s not a bad idea to have a lawyer or attorney give it a once over as well – moving forward only after they give you the “green light”.

Insurance agents are under no obligation to recommend the best coverage for your needs

Secondly, while it is a smart business practice to encourage insurance agents to provide their customers and clients with the best possible coverage plan for their specific needs and their specific budget, insurance agents are under no obligation to make the right recommendation to you.

Fact, there are multiple stories all over the Internet that talk about insurance agents misrepresenting the insurance policies that they sold their customers and clients, almost always encouraging them to invest in more insurance and necessary so that they land a higher commission.

You’ll want to be on the lookout for these kinds of scams.

Any settlement offer you place a claim is almost always going to come in lower than it should

Finally, you should understand (right off the bat) that the first settlement offer you are provided from your insurance company in the event of a claim being processed is always going to be a lot lower than the actual number your insurance company is willing to pay out.

Negotiate absolutely everything with your New York auto insurance to get all of the money that you deserve.